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japery 1, 2013. and two shootings and ten people arrested for public intoxication as they range in the yu year. the country going over the fiscal cliff. will it pass the house today. we'll have details ahead. weather and traffic. happy 2013 to you. it is a cold start the temperatures not as cold as 24 hours ago. we saw some passing showers for
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the midpeninsula. they are moving into the mountains. so a light shower for the rest of us. >> and as we take a look at weather headlines we'll see the sunshine into the afternoon. however later on tonight stretching into tomorrow morning we have a freeze warning for the north bay valley. and a frost advisory. it could be the cold of the of the season. at 6:01 let's check on the commute with george. the traffic details are simple. and as you would expect so the check from the bridge where it is light and eastbound is like
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traffic. and peninsula. >> thank you. shots are fired at 2 separate incidents and the celebrating the new year. and ten people arrested in the area for public intoxication. let's go to jacky. >> reporter: good morning to you. things are more quiet down here and right now. and as opposed to last night thousands of people down here in the area. as you said some violence did break out. let's take a look from 2 shootings. this is from sky 7 hd the first at 10:30 last night in the fisherman's wharf area and jefferson and mason. that person is expected to be okay. what we're being told is that there are no suspects in custody. the second was near pier 23 around 11:30. there are two separate incidents. both of those injuries are non-
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life threatening. as you talked about there have been 10 arrests at least 10 for public intoxication here along the embarcadero. you know there were thousands and thousands of people bringing in the new year here. the totals will go up. we're six hours after midnight. it is hard to see what happened here. it is quiet here and things are starting to be cleaned up. >> thank you for the update this morning. >> and violence in sacramento and people were injured in a shooting after a fight in a restaurant. and this happened last night outside of a sports corner cafe. 40,000 people were gathered for the fireworks show. officials then canceled the midnight celebration. police are searching for suspects this morning. and a deadly head-on collision shut down highway 12.
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and it was east of rio vista. authorities don't know when they will reopen that section of highway. and to the latest in washington. people are ringing in the new year, they were voting in the senate and it went down to the final hours and in the early morning as a measure was improved on spending cuts and taxes. it will go to the house today. we have the story from washington. >> reporter: at the stroke of midnight many americans were ringing in the new year. but the mood was much more serious. >> the vice president went to captiol hill late on monday after leaders struck a deal. >> the senate went back into session and around 2 a.m. the vote was in. >> the bill is passed. >> in the vote, the senate approved a measure that puts off spending -- spending cuts
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and keeps the tax cuts for individuals earning less than $400,000 couples earning less than $450,000. and harry reid said the goal was to protect america as middle class. >> and the families will wake up today that taxes will not go up. >> they will plan and pay for groceries, car payments. >> reporter: the senate minority leader said the republicans afreed to the measure rather than let the middle class suffer. taxes should not go up on anyone but we all knew if we did nothing they would be going up on everyone. we would not let that happen. >> the house reconvenes at noon and is expected to take up the measure at that time. now on the secretary of state, doctors are saying that
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a blood clot that formed in her head is starting to dissolve. they are confident ñrshe will make a full recovery. it is located in the vein behind her right ear. they are treating with blood thinners and she will be released once the medication has been established. we'll be right back. and the thou on the first day of 2013. have a good night. here you go. you, too. i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu.
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welcome back. zynga has started shutting down several divisions. it is part of a plan revealed in october. it will be cutting 5% of its workforce. and a record year for movies. and americans went to the theaters in droves with 11 billion in ticket sales. it is good in the age of video streaming on computer tablets and tvs. one expert thinks that this year could be better. and gas the worst year for
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gas prices here in the us and now the spikes nerve topple but the average for a gallon hit 3.60 in 2012. it's up. aaa blamed extensions and outages. there is good news gas prices will be lower in 2013 thinks to rising domestic oil production and increased demand. the prices here in the area are ticking up a penny or two. and san francisco at 3.63 a gallon. and san jose and below the state average at 3:57. a live look outside. and very light traffic.
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and new law as charge now for paper bags at stores now in. it was adopted back last year. and the bags. and some say they will do what
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they have to do to prevent the paying an extra time. >> i will not be caught herement i will bring my own. >> and that's going to be the key. it is good for the environment. and we have to sacrifice. >> and they are the most common found in the water ways and shopping reduces litter waste and protects creeks in the bay. those looking to clean out their closet got a bonus. people at good will had a donate-a-thon here in san francisco. those who came to give away their possessions were helped by people dressed at bellhops who gave away popcorn. the first 400 got passes to the
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zoo or movie tickets. this is to thank people for their donations. >> what the donation does, they support our mission. can you learn e-mail about word and these are free classes. our mission is to put people to work. that's what we do here. your donation helps keep people employed. >> close to 4 -- 4000 people donate that the their locations. it is double the usual number. and get caught up on the forecast. it is a cold start. a cold start in the north bay
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and seeing 490s. you will see purple right around and contending. and east bay and portions of the north bay. expect plenty of shun shine. it looks like we will be dry. here specifically the numbers in your neighborhood. 53 in oakland. and high pressure in control we
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did see the potential for some showers on thursday. >> they are and we have a and by the two states of blue on the screen. i would not be surprised if they are in the 20s. walks and storming and that for the bay area for our and we don't have any chain control in effect. block the look out that will be for the next couple of days in the 30s into the afternoon. and below that we head into the hours.
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and the next couple of days. a chance for showers. and there is some disagreement. and mostly sunny skies. and temperatures in the upper 50s. that's your weather. here is traffic with george. >> we mentioned there was a report of a wrong way driver on 280. and it turned out to be closer to cupertino. they started off around the parkway and ended up here near 85. and the shoulder is blocked but as can you see traffic is light heading down but it's not having an impant but that situation has been dealt with. so no longer any concerns there. about the possibility of being hit. looking at the traffic around the area. look at the bay bridge here. it is delay free.
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no problems for the commute as you head to the bay ridge. highway 92 looking pretty good. s can you can see it is smooth here. right side of the green would be the commute direction. and the bridge very light with no delays northbound or southbound. >> thank you a shack for a mab who drought a car off craigs listch his ride had been stolen from someone else. >> i cannot believe it. >> holding a title that looks real enough, title to a new 300. >> it was supposed to be his daughter's car. >> i got the car fax on it. >> thinking he did everything right after finding the perfect car he agreed to meet the maen who claimed to own the car at a nearby mall. >> i met him. i called talked to him on the
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phone. >> after he drove it back to his home where he paid the man in cash. he was able to snap this photo as he was paying for the car. just before he left with more than $13,000. >> they told me it was fake. he called the police. he gave them the vin number and sure enough the car came up stolen. >> what did you buy the car for. >> 13,00700. >> that's a lot of money. >> not only he is out 13,000 for the car because it is stolen police came and picked it up and took it away leaving them with no car. >> now they will have to search for a different car. he will go to the dealer but people thinking about bying it not to make the same mistake he did. >> whatever you do. tough go to aaa like in my case
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and check the paperwork. i wish someone would recognize his face. you know tom, he will do the same thing. , we have a look outside of the pay. and on the first day of the knew year. a reminder after the news can you catch dr. phil.
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1 million people into times square to watch the crystal cover ball dropping at midnight. >> great view from new york city and 2013 is here. and it arrived with a bang. here is a look at the biggest and brightest celebrations. ♪[music] ♪ >> happy new year 2013.
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♪[music] ♪
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great view of the fireworks. same sex couples are holding marriage ceremonies. it is the first south of the mason dixon line to legalize same-sex marriages. they did not take effect until today. nine other states and washington, dc have approved the same-sex marriage. and concern the problems with the new voting system for the oscars could lead to record low turnout has prompted the
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academy to extend the deadline to vote for nominations but only for a day until this friday. any votes after that will not be counted. an official says that by extending the voting deadline we're providing every opportunity available to make the transition to the balloting as smooth as possible. we'll be back as the morning news continues. a live look outside. out over san francisco and the latest on the top stories in two minutes as we continue.
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we'll take a look outside. we have mostly clearing skies. and so i don't think rain is a big concern today. it's not as cold as it was 24 hours ago. 40 in san jose.
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cooler, we're talking 30s in concord. as we look at your headlines and sunshine, temperatures will primarily be in the low 50s. now a freeze warning and frost advisory goes into effect tonight and tomorrow morning. and generally dry around the bay area we have a spare the air alert. and the north bay and. a rot on tap. what to expect coming up in my next report. traffic details easy and no commute. and the peninsula you will find a light ride. and after the city range in the new year. let's go to jackie for more on that. >> reporter: it is hard to believe it was six and a half hours ago and thousands were
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here and celebrating 2013. not much going on here. and they are the crews from the city of san francisco. and thousands of barricades. and lots of street sweeping going on. it is almost before the fire works are over. that's when they clear the embarcadero. they start cleaning up the street sweepers come through. they pick up the barricades. that's what they have been doing. and you can shoot a cannon down here and not hit anything. it is starting off quiet. and it is very different from six hours ago. now to oak hand where the police are looking for a gunman who shot and killed a girl. the teen who died on sunday has been identified at a 15-year-
6:33 am
old from oakland. this is what the scene looked like. and they range out by night fall they were still on the scene. she was killed and a boy was shot in the foot. the shooter is on the loose. >> and the chief talked about the rising crime situation and how it will be addressed. >> we have more police officers it will be a deterrent. this has to stop. we as a community has to do a better job of protecting our young children the murder marked the 131st homicide of the year. and the chief says that more community involvement is key to fighting crime in the knew year. and a shooting brings an end to a year of homicide. police were called to the
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apartments on lewis road. and police do not identify the lone mail victim and would not discuss a motive a few people were questioned, they were detained. there were 53 homicides awoman accused of killing several pedestrians. look out point last month pleaded not guilty to manslaughter, hit and run and other charges. and she struck a 56-year-old woman on december 20th. prosecutors say she had arraignment had a block alcohol extent of. 23. she is being held on bail of 1
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millon dollars. nor new laws the highest minimum wage will set again. the and the rate will increase from 10:24 to 10:55. it has increased from 2004. and uc berkley found it had no impact on jobs to leave the area. restaurants increased costs to customers with prices rising 6.2% for fast food and 1.8 for sit down eaters. rates for gas customers will go town but electricity will raise a bit. it will drop 6% but the electric bills will go up over last year. and the rates are falling because the costs are declining. and the costs to maintain and modernise their power system.
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we'll be back as the morning news continues. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. the senate voted on a deal and after midnight we're waiting for the house to vote today. lawmakers will be worrying and they are concerned about the debt ceiling. the u.s. reached its legal borrowing limit yesterday. and the treasury department is now taking measures to buy time until the end of february, including suspending investments in benefit funds. after that it will not be able to pay all the country's bills unless congress raises the borrowing limit. the supreme court ruled that people who ride on bumper
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cars and similar attractions at rides can not sue the park operator for injuries they incur. the court in a 6-1 voteed a claim of negligence in a lawsuit filed by the great america park bay doctor who fractured her wrist during a ride in 2005. and five men were cold but unhurt after their rescue from the big surwild esness. they went catching and not prepared for the snow that fell over the weekend. the men were lost but they were able to get cell service and call for help on sunday. they were rescue bade chp helicopter. the news will continue until 10:00 on this tuesday morning out over the embarcadero. we're watching the clean up underway there and the big fireworks show and violence with gunshots ringing out. we'll have more coming up.
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welcome back. happy 2013 to you. it is a clear and cold start. not as cold as 24 hours ago. even though it is freezing.
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we're seeing upper 30s. we are not in the 30s for the bay shoreline. fremont at 40. and remember yesterday we saw temperatures in the upper 20s. we head into the afternoon for the south bay. similar to yesterday. 52 for fremont and sunnyvale and we'll see mostly sunny skies in the east bay and interior valleys. and pittsburgh could climb to 49. 49 from walnut creek to castro valley. and the north bay here and downtown san francisco. and berkley, you are at 51 and 53 expected in oakland. satellite and radar and in control and that's why it is cold now. the cloud cover is not keeping us insulated. and it will occur on wednesday w that it will keep the track i
6:45 am
a frost advisory for the bay. looks like ice is a possibility. don't be surprised if you have black ice and allow yourself extra time. here is the forecast. wild and try weather a 20% chance of showers. but that's right rain across the district. dry and sunny skies prevail. that's the bay area forecast. let's look at continues. and here is the ski report. and no new to report. and see rare are a tahoe. 59 to 103. and the squall valuely with a base of # 3 to 121 inches. good morning to you.
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>> good morning. >> we look around the bay no commute and light conditions. no hazardous situations to alert you to. and light and easy one no concerns if you are heading to san francisco. if you are heading across 92. the bridge. whether to hayward or foster city and easy free ride. so is the case for the golden gate bridge. and i'll show you the east bay and south bay maps because it is at the limit around the bay area. 680 in the southbound direction looks good. we're problem free here as you head from livermore to dublin and castro valerie. and without problems right now 167-8901, 80, 85. time for a look back at what made headlines in 2012 from the bay area to around the
6:47 am
globe. ♪[music] ♪ >> and this is battling and nobody the crew was yelling. this afternoon. and we go. >> and the church. it is disturbing. >> this car took a detour.
6:48 am
>> he quit his job to move in with a student. and what everyone has been talking about. it is awesome. >> and and the board walk. i never imagined this could happen to me. and 164 million. >> and 5 people are dead inside this. a father and daughter killed. >> that's one priority. >> and half a dozen gunshots;
6:49 am
we have not gotten justice yet. i was in the interested in doing it so i took off my clothes. >> the jury deliver as not guilty verdict. >> we have a shooting at century. >> another person out. >> he was the joker.
6:50 am
>> and. >> it was not. >> i'm reporting a refinery. we don't know what is going on. >> and they are suffering from headaches. >> residents are con fronting residents. >> and he is the worst. >> i accept the nomination for president of the us. >> and i want a man who has the sense to marry michelle obama.
6:51 am
>> , we cannot give him that chance. >> they are protected will be reelected president of the united states. >> make no mistake, this was a he devastating. >> giants are giving the fans something to cheer about. >> a three homer game in game number 1. >> and nothing .
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>> ♪[music] ♪
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a special thanks to our producer who put that together. we'll be back as the news continues. ♪
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watching the weather. it looks like a nice one today. highs in 590s. the same story and warmer thursday and friday. nice weather as we head to the weekend a chance of showers on saturday but no big storms on the horizon. it looks like drier for sunday and monday next week a nice week for the first week of 2013. now on to football and number 8 ranked stanford will face the badgers in the rose bowl. and stanford won the title to advance to the third straight bowl. this is wisconsin's third trip to the rose bowl. kickoff at 2:00 this afternoon our time. >> we'll be back as the morning news continues. coming up in the next hour the country goes over the
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fiscal cliff. what it will cost you for a paper bag as we return in two minutes.
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